Saturday, September 27, 2014

I timed my painting.....

......and I was surprised that priming was taking 3 times longer than the painting of the top coat.

This amount of priming took 1 1/2 hours because the shingles are rough and it's time consuming getting the primer into all the nooks and crannies.

This amount of final top coat painting took 30 minutes.

No wonder this painting is taking so long.

In between waiting for primer to dry, I pulled more weeds and dug up little tree saplings in the flower beds.  I had to wait for R to get back from mowing the rental house's lawn before we could dig up the Catalpa tree and transplant it.

The mowing took longer than expected because R hit a purse with the riding lawnmower.  Yup, a ladies purse that was under some long grass.  The wallet was still in the purse, along with her credit cards, but no cash.  R called the police and waited and waited and waited.  R finally gave the purse to a neighbor lady who also called the police but then drove over to the ladies house to give her the purse. The real kicker is that there are two local policemen who live on this street and one state policeman.

On tap for tomorrow is more painting on the peak and the little window, which R sanded when he came home.  Once the wood trim on the small window was stripped and sanded it looked pretty good. Its funny how peeling paint can make wood look real bad when in fact it's just the paint that has failed.

Grandma Cat Mother thinks that Grandma Cat caught a cold when she got a bath at the kitty spa....LOL  And she wanted to know why the doctor (she refuses to call him a veterinarian) didn't do blood work on Grandma Cat.  We think that the cat learning curve might take longer than we thought. But until then......they are keeping each other busy.

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