Monday, August 10, 2015

Adding a Solar Light to our Mayne Mailbox Post

We replaced our old wood mailbox post in the spring of 2012 with a black PVC decorative post from Mayne.  You can read about the installation here and here.

I've also mentioned before how dark it is at night and how  people seem to not be able to find our driveway.  So when I realized that Mayne offered a solar light that fit right on the top of the post, I hit the BUY button.

I'll admit that until the light arrived and I was able to read the instructions, I was unsure how this light was installed.  Do we need to cut off the top of the post?  Does the top of the post come off and we replace that with the light?  Oh boy....I sure hope this isn't one of those small projects that turn into a nightmare.

Nope....none of that.  Four self tapping screws (included) and the light was installed.  It took me longer to open the box and find my screwdriver than it took me to install the light.  Basically the light just sits on top of the post and is secured with four screws.

First, you remove the top of the light with a slight turn.  This exposes the holes that you use to attach the light.  The screws are self tapping so they only require a little effort to screw in.  No pre drilling, a little tap on the head of the screw with the handle of the screw driver will set the screw and aid in the install. Just place the light on top of the post, install the 4 screws, replace the cover, and lock into place with a slight twist.  Don't forget to remove the plastic strip from the battery (pull to remove) before replacing the light cover.

The light is quite bright for a solar light.  We needed to trim the tree that overhangs the mailbox so that the solar panel (located on the very top) wasn't in the shade.  The solar light requires 8 hours of sunshine to charge the battery.  Speaking of battery.  When the need arises to change the rechargeable battery all you need to do is give the light cover a slight twist and lift and the battery is located right there in the removable cover.  No tools needed.  No screws to accidentally drop into the grass never to be seen again......been there....done that.

The website indicates that the light uses two batteries but they have made a recent change and now the light uses just one battery.  I know this because when my light arrived with one battery I contact them and they replied with the updated info.

I've been very happy with my Mayne products.  I have also ordered two large planters for my deck and have now decided to replace all my pots with the Mayne planters in the Cape Cod design.  Make sure you check out their rain catcher.

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