Saturday, August 8, 2015

Barn Spruce Up Part 2

Paint removal is going slightly slower.  My thumb is sore from holding the putty knife and all the scraping is now done while on a ladder, so this slows me down BIG TIME.

Today after we brought out the extension cords, heat gun, and extension ladder it started to slightly sprinkle.  Normally I would continue doing whatever I was doing but rain, electricity, and metal ladder didn't sound like a good idea.  So we took care of small things until the spritzing stopped.

The first small thing on the list was to re install the header board over the second window.  We then cut the cove trim for under the window sills.  These barn windows did not have trim but the windows on the house all have this small trim piece so the barn will, too.

We also removed two metal rods that were sticking out of the clapboards.  R used vise grips to hold onto it while he turned it counterclockwise to remove it.  The jury is still out on what they were and what was the purpose of them being there.  Someone at one time cut them off leaving just a barbed end left in the wood clapboard.  There were two at the front part of the barn and two towards the back.

For the last little project we added 3 twisty nails to a portion of clapboard that had popped out of place.  Just as we were finishing up the two male cats (Morrie and Elvis) got into a fight.  They were playing and one of them went just a little too far and then they were one big rolling ball of fur.  This has been happening more frequently so we keep a bucket of water on hand to bring a stop to those tussles.  They will both be visiting the vet soon and hopefully that will stop the tussles.

Then the sprinkles stopped and I was able to finish up the paint removal up to the top of the windows. By this time it was 630pm and time to call it a wrap for the day.  Sunday is an off day for us as we have a family August birthday party to go to.  R is always happy when my sister cooks....LOL  I usually do appetizers and sometimes cake but this time just the appetizers.  Belly buttons (ham roll ups) and a new one that I am still perfecting.  It's a 1/3 of  Koegel frankfurter with a slit down the side, filled with cheddar cheese, and wrapped in a half slice of bacon.  It is held together with a toothpick. The first time I made these I just baked them at 400 until the bacon was done.  This time I rolled them in dark brown sugar and placed them in the fridge until I bake them.  Hopefully they will have a nice sweet brown crust on them when they are done cooking.

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