Sunday, August 16, 2015

Barn Spruce Up Part 5 and Green with Envy

I ran out of extension cord and energy at exactly the same time.  How's that for project management?

R finished the corner boards on the two back corners while I used the heat gun.  I have no idea how many times I went up and down the ladder today but my legs are screaming and my feet are making it a duet.  I think it would be a good idea if I stay off the ladder tomorrow.  I can always move to the back of the barn and scrape paint while actually standing on terra firma.

Tomorrow's plan is cut and install cove moulding under the windows on the back of the barn, scrape paint on the back of the barn, scrape paint off of the glass on the remaining 4 windows, nail any loose boards, and epoxy holes and checked rough wood.

The zinnias that I planted from seed are doing great.  The last two years I have purchased zinnias plants that were already about 6 inches tall with a lot of buds and some open flowers.  It's nice to have instant flowers and colors but both years it results in bent plants and ultimately flowers that fell over and looked bad.  The zinnias this year are standing tall despite some extremely strong winds. Winds that broke a huge limb in one of our black walnut trees but yet the zinnias are standing tall.

I planted a tall zinnia variety in a chartreuse green called Envy.  I like them but they are not as bright green as the package indicated in the photo.  The other variety is a shorter multi color zinnia. I will probably plant both of these varieties again next year.

This year I was kind of late in planting so hopefully an earlier planing will give me earlier flowers. Maybe El Nino will allow for early May planting.  Fingers crossed for El Nino.  I cannot handle another 95+ inches of snow.