Sunday, August 23, 2015

Uncovering a hidden driveway

We knew that there was asphalt under the lawn behind the barn.  Our assumption was that they covered it with dirt because it was in bad condition, so we left the dirt in place.

Recently I began to poke around to see exactly where the asphalt ended. The more I poked the more I thought that it extended all the way back to the original location of the barn.  This would give us a parking area behind the barn and an a area for our compost bins.

During a rain delay, of which we have had a lot of, we started scraping the dirt away.  The large silver maple needed dirt on the back side so we relocated the majority of the dirt over to that area.

The area next to the barn will require a small retaining wall along side of the asphalt.  This will leave an area for the bee hives.

I will probably return to paint scraping on Sunday.  The bottoms of my feet feel much better and I think I can stand on a ladder again.  I can always scrape on the back of the barn if they start to hurt again.

R started another project on the front of the house.  It's a small area with a lot of issues.  He will need to remove and replace cedar shingles, re do the exhaust for the two furnaces, adjust the gas meter on the mounting bracket so that it is straight, remove old paint from exterior conduit, repair concrete foundation, and remove downspout and re install.  All of those repairs are located on a wall 2 foot wide wall and about 3 feet of the adjacent wall.

The weather forecast is for rain on Sunday night and then a stretch of good weather for about 5 days. The last two days have cooled just slightly but it is a vast improvement over last week.  My pace slows to a crawl when it is hot and humid.  If only the grass would slow it's growing just a tad bit.