Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Perky-Pet Fly Through Feeder

My husband loves to feed the birds and because of that we have a large variety of birds that visit our yard.  There is nothing better than sitting in the shade of a large tree and listening to the rustling of leaves in the breeze and the chirping of birds.  It's nature's own symphony.

Over the years we have gone through a lot of bird feeders.  Some were better than others and some were destroyed by the squirrels.  We've learned what works and what doesn't.  Metal feeders seem to be the best but they are also usually the pricey ones in the bird feeder aisle.  Metal feeders won't guarantee that it won't break.  Few feeders can survive a fall from 6ft during the middle of winter when everything is brittle from the cold.

We look for several things when buying our feeders.  No wood or plastic just metal.  When it comes to moving parts.......nope.  Moving parts can break.  It is also important that the feeder can be fixed if it does break.

Check out our current bird feeder it is made by Perky-Pet. We loved it so much we bought a second one.
Here's why we love it.  It's metal.  Only two moving parts...the roof that slides up and down the metal cable and is held in place with a small metal knob.

The feeder also allows for very little spillage.  Feeders that spill the food on the ground are a no no with us.  I swear some of those birds just love to spill the feed onto the ground....LOL  Spilled seed is a waste of money and leads to some of the seeds sprouting.
You can find this feeder at a variety of places.  Ace Hardware, eBay, and Home Depot all carry this feeder.  Probably the best value is Home Depot when you order online, using Ebates, and store pick up.

Some of the reviews seem unwarranted because you do need to put the correct feed in this feeder to have it work properly.  Black sunflower seeds are perfect.  The black and white sunflower seeds are too big and regular feed is too small.  We've seen nut hatches, house finches, cardinals, woodpeckers, rose breasted grosbeaks, and blue jays at this feeder.