Friday, September 25, 2015

Exterior Decorative Vent Shelf

The ladder has arrived and we love it BUT it was a stressful drive home from the store.  A long ladder and a short bed truck makes securing the ladder difficult BUT watching the vehicles behind us stressed us out.  We took the back way home to avoid as much traffic as possible BUT you always worry that someone will not see the red flag hanging from the ladder OR your flashing hazard lights.
Having the tall ladder allowed us to remove the little decorative shelf that is under the exterior vent in the peak of the house.  This same decorative touch is on the garden shed as well.  When this side of the house was re shingled they did not do a very good job of re attaching the shelf, it was basically dangling on the side of the house.  Having it off the house will allow me to make a pattern of the bracket for later use.  It also allows me to sand, prime, and paint the shelf so that once it is re attached we will not have to worry about trying to paint it.

This side of the house has the rigid foam insulation added to the exterior and this makes the shingles sit higher than the vent trim. We think if we had a piece of trim to the edge of the vent that this will allow the shingles to butt up against it rather than sit higher than the vent.

The vent and little shelf will be more noticable once the shingles are painted dark grey and the shelf and vent is painted bright white.  Currently it is painted the same yellow as the shingles and you really do not even notice it.

I spoke with a two window companies today.  The economy must be doing really well.  The first company wouldn't be able to come for an estimate for 3 weeks and then drawings would be another 4 to 5 weeks and then the build would be 5 months.  Ahhhhhhhhhh no.

So I called a second company and their guy was out to lunch and would get back with me.  I'm still waiting.

The flag pole company told me it would be 3 weeks before they could get out to the house but they would call before they came.  They showed up today (3 days later) but we weren't home and the driveway gate was locked.  Where's the phone call? I also gave them my email address and said to shoot me an email if they couldn't get me by phone.  When the guy did finally call, he was sitting in my driveway outside the locked driveway gates.  I asked him why didn't he call first and he said it didn't say to call first.  I told him to hang on and I would try and contact my husband.  I called R and he left the project he was working on and was back at the house in 7 minutes.  I had called the guy and told him R was on his way but he apparently left anyways despite telling he would wait.  At this point I don't even think it is worth calling the company back to voice my displeasure.

I added a WiFi booster and everything seems to be working great now.  I have full strength and everything seems to be working fine, again.  I ordered the Netgear WiFi Range Extender from Staples online using Ebates, Staples Rewards $, and a $5.00 coupon for signing up for text coupons.

I'm already close to $90 in rebates for the next quarter and I still have until November 11th before they mail out the next check.  If you are planning a vacay and use some of the more popular online travel sites, make sure you check out Ebates for additional savings.  The only thing better than a vacay is a vacay where you saved money.