Monday, September 28, 2015

We Biggie Sized Our Mail Box

Sunday is a good day to work on the mail box since there is no delivery on Sunday.  We got a late start because we attended the Flint Firebirds home opener last night.  Flint has a great hockey history. For years our hockey teams did well and grew big crowds then it dwindled and eventually we lost our team and the building fell into disrepair.

But then thanks to the resurgence of Flint several people decided to buy a team and move them to Flint.  They also purchased the hockey arena which needed a lot of work.  Well they not only repaired the building, developed a great winning team, but also put together a great program.  Not every game will be a win or will it be exciting but if you have a great program it will still be an enjoyable night.

The music was great, the food was good despite the over abundance of mustard that R slathered on my pretzel.  Thank god they gave us rally towels because I needed it after than pretzel.  It was probably my fault because I broke with my traditional order of doing things at hockey games.  It usually goes like this......on my way to my seat buy a Kowalski or Koegel kielbasa with light mustard and light onion and a diet Coke and then make my way to my seat.  Watch the 1st and 2nd period. Between the 2nd and 3rd period I buy a large pretzel with mustard on the side.  Eat pretzel during 3rd period.  This is ALWAYS how I do it.  But last night I started with a pretzel and it didn't go as planned....LOL

But any who..the game last night was tied and went into over time and was still tied so it went to a shoot out which the Firebirds won.  The game was fast paced with the Birds having almost twice as many shots on goal.  We had great seats and the people who sat around us stayed seated except during the intermissions.

Onto the mailbox bigification. R took the broken mailbox support off and installed the new one that I ordered last month.  We modified the 2X4 that is inside the support arm so that we could attach it to the main post with long screws.  The support arm was then slide onto the 2X4 and attached with screws.  It feels like it is sturdier but only time will tell if it can hold up to the weight of the snow being flung by a speeding snowplow.

We then unboxed the huge mail box that I bought last year during a sale at Ace.  I need a larger mail box because I receive a lot of packages. Due to the size we needed to attach a support board to the arm.  By the time we attached the mail box to the board it was getting dark so tomorrow I will paint the board black so it will blend with the mail box post.

I've also started cutting back my perennials.  We have found that it works out best if we do a good fall clean up rather than leave it to the spring where we are at the mercy of the weather.

And finally......the Pope's visit was amazing.  I was raised Catholic and attended a parochial school in elementary but after I left home I no longer attended mass.  My husband is not Catholic but he really likes Pope Francis and so do I.  I think he gets it.  He comes from a science background and has been out in the real world so he knows what is going on out there.  He's upbeat and is about forgiveness but most important is that he cares for our planet and wants others to take care of our planet too.  So in the spirit of Pope Francis please try and recycle something his week.

And I leave you with this......