Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shingle Update and a Drain that doesn't drain

The shingles are almost all installed on the short meter wall.  We have two rows left to install but they should go fairly fast.

R installed several new pieces of step flashing where the old flashing was rusted and rotted through. After the step flashing was fixed we re installed the fascia board.  The fascia board is make of PVC so it will ever need painting nor will it rot from water and snow.

We had a real gully washer yesterday so we knew we would either be very pleased or very disappointed in how the drain handled all the rain.  I was able to scoop out a lot of the mud with my hand.  This gave me a chance to feel around and I was able to locate the pipe opening that takes the water away to the pond behind the house.  I was also able to feel that the pipe is full of roots.  I pulled some of them out but some were bigger than my pinkie finger so we will probably have to use an auger to clean it out.  By the end of the day the water was about half gone.

This is a great time of year for growing grass with the warm days and cool nights.   I leveled all the low areas that I filled with dirt on Sunday, picked out any rocks, and then added grass seed.