Monday, September 14, 2015

I must be real tired

I'm fighting a sinus infection but I didn't think it was affecting my performance until tonight.  I turned on my laptop and was checking my emails when I lost my Internet connection.  This used to happen all the time because my laptop location was a long distance from my modem.   I remedied that by moving my modem to the inside of a cabinet that is very close to where I use my laptop.  But I guess that I forgot about that and went to the old location and there was nothing there but a dangling coaxial cable.

OMG someone broke into our house and stole our wireless modem.  OMG what else did they steal?  I ran to my jewelry box and everything was there including some cash that was sitting right out in the open. Wow.....stupid burglar.  Why take a wireless modem when you could have had jewelry and cash?

R was already asleep so I had to wake him up to tell him.  He is not computer savvy at all and doesn't want to be, either.  Which is actually good because then I am not the least computer savvy person in the house.  But even he, in his half awake condition, said "didn't you move that?"

Geesh....there it was.....right where I put it.

So anyways here is a run down on what we did and need to do tomorrow.

We removed the fascia board and eave trough.

R repaired the 3 holes.

I burned ALL the dead branches.

I finished mowing the back yard.

I trimmed the magnolia bush because it was rubbing up against the house.

Tomorrow we need to pick up more shingles and some deck screws that R uses for miscellaneous projects.

We will reinstall the fascia board and start installing shingles on the right side of the window.

I am starting to get antsy about the ladder.  How can it be taking so long?

Today's interesting discoveries.  Not only old honeycomb from honey bees but an old wasp nest. Isn't it amazing how they make their wasp nest?