Monday, September 7, 2015

Shingles and a Drain

Rain is in the forecast for all of Tuesday and Wednesday so we are in a rush to get the shingles installed so we can re install the eave trough to handle the rain.  Also, I would like to have the newly found drain completely dug out before the rain but I actually doubt that I can finish that on Monday.

Today I was working in the back behind the barn and R was working in the front on the shingles.  It was funny that just about every hour I would stop and start walking towards the front and R would also have stopped and would be walking towards the back.  I guess after nearly 34 years we are in sync even with our break times.

I removed the grate and started digging out the dirt.  I have absolutely no idea how much dirt is in there and whether we will also need to clean out the drain pipe.  It was a total shocker that there was a drain under the sod.  I knew that there was some area of asphalt here and there so it was not a shocker to find an entire driveway but a drain???  That was a real shocker.

The shingles on the meter wall  looking great.  We both absolutely 'hate' the old shingles and the light yellow paint.  R doesn't like yellow at all but on the other hand I love the right shade of yellow on the right style of house.  Our house is neither the right style nor was it painted the right shade of it was a double fail.

I probably will not scrape up anymore sod until later in the week.  My chest muscles actually sting when I lift any weight with the shovel.  That probably means I over did it but lucky for me there are plenty of other projects to do.

The kitty is back home and she is pissed.  She had to stay two and a half days.  The first day she was extremely wound up and it was too late in the day for them to start the procedure so she had her procedure the next day and because they needed to really keep her sedated she stayed an additional day.  

She hid in the barn for a day but today she was sitting on the deck waiting for both lunch and dinner. But she wanted nothing to do with R, which is funny because he is the animal person.  Animals love him.