Sunday, September 13, 2015

Holes under the shingles

We got a late start today because of the drizzle.  It wasn't  a rain but heavier than a mist.  If it hadn't been for the low temps we might have braved it, but it was just too cold.

So once we got started we shingled away on the left side of the window and then pulled off the shingles on the right side.  It was during the shingle removal that we found two fairly good size holes at the top of the wall.  They were both crudely cut so it was intentional and not rot or animal related. And the biggest question is why didn't they repair the hole up when they were done.

It is amazing the number of holes and broken sheathing that we have found and repaired during our re shingling project.  It definitely helps to explain why the previous owner had such high heating bills. Of course all the disconnected heat runs and misaligned trunk line duct work also added to the problem.  One by one we fix these problems all in the hopes of making the house more energy efficient and comfortable in the winter.

Sunday's plans include finishing the mowing of the backyard, burning some downed branches from the last storm, fixing the newly discovered holes, and maybe a little more paint removal on the back of the barn. Nothing exciting but all necessary none the less.