Thursday, July 14, 2016

Asiatic, Oriental, and Day Lilies

I like big flowers and I cannot lie. Lame...I know but I couldn't help myself.  Tiny delicate flowers just don't do it for me.  I need flowers that can be seen from a distance because my house sets back from the road so flowers need to be BIG if they are to be seen by the passerby.

Right now the lilies are in bloom. Both the Asiatic and day lilies (which aren't lilies at all) but for the sake of this post anything with lily in the name qualifies.  True lilies grow from a bulb and day lilies grow from rhizomes which is a modified subterranean stem that sends out roots from it nodes.

So what's the difference between Asiatic and Oriental lilies?  Asiatic lilies bloom first and just about the time that they are ending their bloom the Oriental lilies take up the cause.  Oriental lilies also are scented.

So lets start this lily parade.
 Trumpet lily is very large and tall and shaped like a trumpet.  

 This might be a Oriental lily because it smells like a light perfume. Not overpowering but just enough that you take notice.
 Now for the day lilies.  This one is called Little Grapette.  It's a short plant with smaller flowers.  
 I can't remember the name but is is dark dark red with a chartreuse back side. 

 This is striking.
This is a day lily that was suppose to be white but it's ivory and doesn't look white at all next to my white trim so I'm going to move it.  It's very large but not as tall as the label indicated.
Burnt Embers
 This is a small day lily with double the number of petals.
Very large and very pretty.  I prefer the tetraploids day lilies.  Tetraploids have double the chromosomes so the petals are thick.  I also prefer hostas with thick leaves.  I guess I have a 'type'....LOL

I still have Star Gazer lilies to bloom and several of my day lilies need to bloom.

We had quite the storm today so I won't know how my flowers fared until the morning.  We needed the rain so if it knocked a couple of blooms off their stems then that is OK.