Saturday, July 23, 2016

Buying Pots

LOL....I bet you thought....say what?  I'm talking ceramic and galvanize steel pots.  Not the other pot which Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airman sang about being down to seeds and stems.  This song was a favorite during my freshman year of college.  I'm showing my age, aren't I?
But back to the pots I bought.   I know it is too late in the season to plant these but they are for next year when the deck redo should be finished.  This is the best time to buy such things as it is getting towards the end of the season and they have to make room for snow shovels and such.

I really loved the shape and color of the pots that I bought for the front porch this spring.  It's a traditional shape with a little twist with that raised rib towards the top.  I also like the shiny finish in contrast to my concrete pots.
On my last trip to a local nursery I noticed that they had the pots on sale for 25% off and the selection of black pots was greatly diminished.  So I thought now or never and time to pull the trigger and buy a couple more for next year.  I purchased a larger pot and an additional smaller version.  Then I spied this small round shape black pot with cut outs.  It's an orchid pot but I can cut a piece of coco mat and line it before I fill it with dirt.

FYI I just noticed that the new pots have the raised rib design towards the bottom and the ones on the front porch have the rib towards the top.  So they are the same but not the same.  That's even better.
The other night I stopped by Target to check out their umbrellas (that's another post) and I noticed these two galvanized steel planters in a squared flare design.  I liked them but wasn't sure and left the store. 

All the way home I questioned my decision. When I arrived home I immediately got online and ordered the two planters.  I used in store pick up to save on shipping and Ebates for an additional 2% savings.  I picked them up the next day.
R thinks they look like duct work. LOL I don't think so.  I love the quilted diamond shapes that are lightly impressed in the metal.  
I purchased a set of 3 avocado colored pots at Rite Aid drugstore for 50% off earlier in the summer.  They are ceramic and jardiniere shaped with the same quilted pattern as the galvanized planters.   Rite Aid's online site currently has some cool umbrellas and outdoor pillows for sale. With the Plenti card and the promo code riteaid20 you can get an additional 20% off an online order AND 5% additional savings on Ebates.

Next spring it will be fun to mix and match pots and crank open all my new umbrellas.  Yes, that's umbrellas with an S.  I can't help myself.  R keeps finding these cool umbrella bases so it is my duty to put them to good use.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about what R picked up on his way to the grocery store.  I'm only going to use part of it but it will pair up nicely with an early 1900's piece that I bought at a consignment shop years ago.