Friday, July 22, 2016

New Day Lily Plants and a Beetle Trap Update

I have a beetle trap update but let's look at the pretty flowers first.
 Fooled Me
 Indian Giver

Those are some striking day lilies.  I couldn't resist buying them the other day when I was shopping for flower pots.

The beetle traps are kicking it.  After only a day and a half the half gallon container was half full of those nasty beetles.
The other two traps have a full two days worth and they are each over 2/3 rds full.  Unfortunately that means I need to empty the traps.  EWWWWWW

The above trap shouldn't be too bad because I just need to put the cap on it and I am done.  The other two are gallon bags that you are suppose to empty but I am going to remove them and staple them shut.  EWWWWW  When I replace the ziploc baggie I will put the ziploc portion at the top so that I just need to remove bag and zip it up.  

I walked around again today checking the beetles usual haunts and nary a beetle to be found.  Love it when a plan works out.

Also not to be found, orioles.  They have left for the summer.  But we have a new bird.  The grey cat bird.  They sound just like a pissed off cat.....LOL  

On a side note.....see that rock popping out of the ground behind the beetle trap?  That boulder has popped up out of nowhere in the last three winters.  More than likely the deeper than normal frost has pushed it up.  R poked around with a metal rod and says it's big.  There are about 5 rocks that need to be mined in the side yard. You can see where they are because the grass turns yellow first in those areas because the dirt is shallow where there is a rock.

It's always something.  If it's not beetles eating your leaves, it's big old rocks popping out of the ground.