Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Exterior Family Room Before and After

I am so happy to be done with this side.  It was slow going for a while due to wasps, heat, and sprinkles (no rain here lately).  It felt so good to get that last little bit of grey painted and to climb down the ladder for the last time.

But first before I show you the 'after' photos, let us go back and see what it looked like before the improvements.

This photo shows both the front and south side of the family room exterior.  The photo was taken just after we replaced the rotted sill.  You can see where we replaced the bottom shingles in the front and R was working on the shingles on the south side.
Here you can see the ugly windows that we replaced with restoration windows. Also notice the size of the vent.
We added a 1 X 2 frame around the vent and a 1 X 3 piece behind the bracket.  We felt that the vent was out of scale with the house.  Also painting it white like the trim made the vent stand out and helps to break up the vast area of grey.
And here are the 'after' photos.  We are very pleased with how it turned out.
  This above photo is an 'after' photo of the front of the family room. 
 We still need to add the shutters to the front and south side of the family room. We make those ourselves and probably won't get to that until the winter. 
Next on our agenda is to shingle and paint the exterior of the kitchen and game room.  The kitchen and game room windows will not be here until Labor Day but we have plenty to do in preparation for the windows.  We also have vintage french doors to install in place of the old slider and of course there is more paint removal and painting needed on the barn.

So it looks like July will consist of either removing paint or applying paint.