Saturday, August 15, 2009

B & G's Deck Update

Work has moved along nicely on B & G's deck. We finished screwing down all the deck boards. Wow.....that was a job. Twenty screws per board X 53 boards = a lot of screws.Next R used a circular saw to cut off the excess length of board. Don't fret.....we won't toss those boards. B and I have a plan to use those pieces.After R finished trimming the boards I sanded the ends and put a slight bevel on them so they looked like the factory edges on the deck boards.Thursday was a day of deck building rest since it was race time for R. Look at B......she can sue your pants off and change your racing tires. Hey B.....I bet you never thought you would be wrenching at the race track?After the races were over, R signed some autographs and B & G ventured off to the carnival to take in some fine carnival cuisine.....elephant ears (funnel cakes) with cream cheese!!!!! Gives me heartburn just typing about it.
Friday was a partial deck day because R had to get the sprint car ready for Saturday's race in Ohio. I mostly sanded the stamp marks off the deck and complained about it being hotter than the hubs of hell.