Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

Today was a busy day but not one of huge progress on anything in particular.

Probably the biggest good news is B & G's grass seed is already sprouting! Planted Sunday evening and sprouted by Thursday. Could it be the constant 85% humidity or the rain?

I moved more large rocks and transplanted more miniature hostas. I moved the stepping stone and shoveled more of the little stones that were exposed by last night's rain storm. Nothing monumental but it is much easier to move some rocks every day instead of all the rocks in one or two days.

On a sad note.....Mr. Peacock had been missing for two days which is highly unusual for him. R feared the worst and his fears were confirmed today. R found him dead in the ditch across from our neighbors. Apparently he had been hit by a vehicle while crossing the street to grasshopper hunt in the field. Over the years he has been scolded many times for crossing the street but when the lure of a grasshopper meal calls he becomes single minded in his desire for a grasshopper nosh.

Several years ago, R caught Mr. Peacock on several occasions attempting to cross the road. R would yell at him and shoo him into the back yard. R left in his truck to run errands and upon his return saw Mr. Peacock's head pop up out of the weeds in the field across the street. Seems Mr. Peacock recognized the sound of his truck and knowing that he was not suppose to be in the field, he then made a mad dash across the street, across the yard, and hopped up on the fence and assumed a position that said....."what? I've been here all afternoon." And they say birds are dumb.
Mr Peacock