Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mosquitoes Slow Our Progress

Progress at 'The Gear' has been slow for several reasons. One being the deck redo at B & G's and the other being the mosquitoes. They are huge. They are everywhere. They swarm. They are persistence. I think I am a pint low in the blood department. I have welts all over my arms and legs. I even have one on my eye lid and cheek. Good thing the township sprays for mosquitoes. LOL

Prior to the mosquitoes running me off, I was able to make some progress on the walkway to the fountain. At one time the walkway was lined with little stones. Over the years grass has grown into the rocks obscuring them from anyone knowing they were there. It was only my attempt to the edge the walkway that I found out that under the grass laid little itty bitty stones EVERYWHERE.

Every spring I rake up piles of little stones. I found that they work great at protecting my miniature hostas. An idea was born. Not only could I protect my hostas but I could return the walkway to the way it was years ago. I used 2 round stepping stones (already had from Torrey Rd house) so that we will not have to step in between the hostas. I also surrounded the small stones with large rocks hoping that they will keep the little stones from straying.

I'll be planting more miniature hostas along the entire length of the walkway. We need to center the cement bench (bench was found in a pile of dirt and brush).
I will be planting Royal Standard hostas around the tree. I like Royal Standard for several reasons. First they have large white flowers. Second they are hardy. Third they are free as I have an abundance of them already.
I will be relocating the second stepping stone. I wasn't sure exactly where it needed to go so I just took a stab at the correct location. Once I started laying down the larger rocks I could see that it needs to be closer to the bench.

Just about the time I took this photo the mosquitoes swarmed and I was slapping and spinning around like a whirling dervish so I stopped and went to B & G's.

Last night I installed temporary steps by the garage entry door because I knew that today I would be removing the steps on the other side of the deck.We decided last week not to reinstall the steps. Instead we will build 6 foot wide steps here. See photo below.The steps will be centered. Barbara's Mom was the one who suggested we move the steps. Barbara had all along wanted places for people to sit. We had an 'ah ha' moment and that is how the 6 foot wide step idea was born.

The mosquitoes heard I was at B & G's and soon after taking these photos I was swarmed yet again. So I went home.....welt covered and itchy.

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  1. We were just remarking about that last night. The mosquitos in our yard (are not huge but) are ferocious and seem to be aiming for the eyeball. We were swatting like crazy people.

    Have you used that new clip on mosquito repellant by Off? We were going to try it but everywhere we go; grocery store, home depot, etc. they are all sold out. So, I want to know if it works well.


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