Monday, August 3, 2009

The Finished Iron Gates

The gates are finished. The latch mechanism has been fixed and is working so we no longer need a chain to lock the gate. The latch has a hole for the padlock to go through and once locked the latch cannot open.

This is the street view of the gates.
This is the view from inside the gates.
The next photo shows one of the small repairs that took longer to fix than what you would think. Someone previously used a nail in place of a cotter key. We needed to remove the nail so that we could slide the rod out to add the thick washers we were using as shims. R straightened the nail but it would not budge. He ended up using a grinder to cut off the nail on each side. We decided it was not necessary to drill out the remaining nail because the other side did not use a cotter key.

See the gap between the hinge on the gate and the hinge on the post? The gap is no longer there once we placed a thick washer between the two hinges.
We are still touching up the paint here and there. I still need to plant two more Autumn Fire sedum plants, and once the paint has had a week or so to cure we will grease the hinges. Also the latch that holds the gates open need to be refurbished. They are currently held in place with concrete but one of the latches has loose concrete and the other needs to be adjusted to accommodate the new height of the gate. We will fix that when we have concrete mixed for another project. Until then we will just enjoy the ease of locking and unlocking the gates and the black satin paint rather than the peeling red paint highlighted with rust.

Notice the cars parked in my neighbor's yard for the Buick Open? More about the Buick Open tomorrow.