Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skeeter Info

I read an interesting article today as I was perusing the weekly local newspaper called the Grand Blanc View. I now know why those skeeters were so aggressive last week.

Seems that mosquitoes come in several species. The last couple of weeks we have been bombarded by Aedes trivittatus who are more aggressive and travel in swarms. They attack not only in the evening but during the day. A. trivittatus is considered the floodwater mosquito. We have had our fair share of rain this summer so that is probably the reason these little buggers are having a field day with our arms and legs.
Aedes Variety

Normally we have more of the Culex variety mosquitoes but this year we seem to have more of the other. The downside of the Culex is that it is also the one that transmits the West Nile Virus.
Culex variety

I noticed today as I worked in the yard that there were fewer skeeters. But then I had on a long sleeve sweatshirt so there was less available skin for the female skeeters to bite.

Grand Blanc township has a mosquito abatement program and normally we rarely see a mosquito and to tell you the truth....I never missed them......not for one single moment.

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