Monday, October 12, 2009

Barn Window Repairs

Today I continued stripping the paint off the woodwork in the foyer. It appears they changed hinges and door knobs at some time. When I stripping the doors I found the old screw holes and witness marks from the surface mounted hinges. Those were removed and butt hinges were installed. Currently all the doors have glass knobs but it appears that at one time the strike plate was notched into the surrounding trim.

I am almost done stripping the wood work in the foyer. I still have the baseboards on the two long walls yet to do in the living room. The vestibule has some of the paint removed around the doorway between the foyer and the vestibule. Several years ago I bought a 15 lite door to go between the foyer and vestibule. I could see witness marks that at one time there was a door there that formed an air lock when you opened the front door. When I removed the paint from around the doorway I found several witness marks. It appears the doors had several different sets of hinges and was hinged at one time on either side. My guess is that they decided they didn't like the door opening to the same wall as the front door so they changed the door so it opened to the other side of the vestibule. I assumed they didn't like that and removed the door all together. It is a large door being both extra wide and tall. I don't think this will be a problem for us as we feel the kitchen door will be the primary entrance for both us and visitors. I'll take photos tomorrow.

R worked on his barn windows today. The barn has eight windows on the ground level and two double hung windows upstairs. We plan on replacing the hay loft door with a large double hung window because we need the extra sunlight inside the loft area. R needed to replace or repair 4 of the 8 lower windows. Last year on election day we went to a Grand Illusion Gallery in Grass Lake Michigan and purchased extra sashes to use to repair the windows. Obviously those windows were painted brown and painted poorly I might add. Today he finished 3 of them and was almost done with the fourth when it started getting too dark and too cold to continue.The windows still need to be scraped and painted but it is too cold. The important thing was to get the broken windows repaired so animals couldn't crawl into the barn. I'm guessing that most of the window damage came from when they moved the barn before we purchased the house.B & G finished their deck today. I will take photos tomorrow. I think it looks great. I would estimate that the cost of revitalizing the deck was just under 1500 dollars and took about 3 months to complete. I know that it sounds like a long time but some weeks very little was done. Stopping for painting and staining took up a lot of the time plus add in racing and well it adds up to 3 months before you know it.

One final thing......It is just too dang cold out side. At this rate we will have 7 months of cold weather. Winter is now from the months of October through April. Spring is the months of May and part of June. Summer is July through August. Fall is the month of September.