Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two More Wooden Storm Windows + Curb Side Treasure

I thought I had located all the wooden storm windows but I was wrong. R asked me if I "got the two upstairs in the loft?" So I went up there and lo and behold there were two more, one for the powder room on the first floor and one for the window in the staircase. Yea!!! two more to strip.

One was without problems. The powder room storm was in great condition and looks to only have a couple of coats of paint on the inside but of course the usual 1/8th of an inch of paint on the outside. The other storm has a broken pane and the bottom stile was loose and some what deteriorated. I used Gorilla glue and a bar clamp to fix the loose stile problem. I'll take a closer look at the wood after I unclamp the storm window.

Today was what fall weather is suppose to be like it and was one of the few days we have had that has been in the 60 degree range. A couple more like this and I think I could get all storms stripped and glazed.

Now on the the curbside treasure. I found this one myself as I was driving over to B & G's house. This chair will work perfect in my kitchen as a desk chair once I paint it satin black and cover the seat with a black and white toile fabric or maybe a black and white buffalo check. Currently I am gluing a crack back together. No doubt this is why the owner toss it.