Monday, October 19, 2009

Wooden Storm Windows

I noticed what appeared to be more wooden storm windows while walking around the outside of the barn looking at R's window work. In one of the windows was what appeared to be the corner of a wooden storm window. I found not one but two windows.

The living room has 6 large double hung windows. When we purchased the house there were 5 windows with storms windows. I found the missing storm window in the barn minus it's glass panes.

The last 3 days have been spent removing between 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch thick paint from both sides of the storm windows. I have two completely stripped. This is one of the living room storms. There are 4 storms this size and 2 that are even larger.

I like the looks of wooden storm windows but these are far too heavy to install every year. Small bungalow windows are one thing but these are too heavy to hold up in the air to install. I know there are companies who make wooden storm windows that have interchangeable panes/screens that can be changed from inside the house. That sounds like a better solution for our second story windows and these large first floor windows. But until then, these will have to suffice.The hardware is in bad shape. Some storm windows are missing their hangers and the ones that have their hangers look like this......I was able to remove the majority of the paint by boiling the hangers in water with a little dish soap and using a utility knife to lift off the thick sheets of paint. I'll use spray primer on them and then white spray paint since the storms and trim will be white.

More than likely I will not have time to paint these storm windows before the winter. I still need to replace a lot of the missing glazing and time is running out. In a perfect world I would prime, paint, and glaze before installing but with this crazy weather I'll have to settle on just being happy with having the storms installed.