Monday, October 26, 2009

Upper Sash Operational

We were able to install only 4 storm windows today not because we were slow but because we worked on making one of the windows upper sash operational.Next spring we will work on all the other windows so that their upper sashes are operational also.

How did we do it? The little tool I wrote about in my last post helped to make sure all paint was removed from areas not visible and compressed air from our air compressor to blow out all the debris and dirt. Once we could get the sash to move a little it went fast after that. A little jiggling and once the sash cord was exposed we pulled on the cord and that seem to free it up and the weight started doing it's job. It is hard to say when the last time that upper sash moved.

While R ran to the hardware store...every job requires at least one trip to the hardware store....I cut back some of my perennial flowers. That makes spring clean up go a little faster and it looks a little neater during the winter.

Tomorrow I have some appointments in the morning but the plan is to install 3 more storm windows and to buy the glass needed to repair the last two storm windows. Then I can get back to stripping more trim.

If I have some extra time tomorrow I think there are a few leaves that need to be raked up.
Most of the trees in our yard have already dropped their leaves except for all the lilac bushes which are still very green.