Thursday, October 8, 2009

Odds & Ends plus the 'To Do' List

R continued to putter around in the barn redoing his barn windows. Tonight he bought hinges, 1/4 round, and sash locks. One of the sashes needed 2 panes replaced so it was off to Ace Hardware to get glass and glazing points. As he drove by the front door I yelled to him and he stopped. I realized I had a $5.00 off certificate earned with Ace Rewards. Generally Ace is a little higher than Home Depot but it is close and if you are in the middle of a job sometimes it is better to pay more than drive 7 miles and shoot a whole hour of your time.

I, on the other hand, inoculated my ash trees one last time before winter. I have had good luck with the Bayer brand. I use it on all my ash trees whether or not I see infestation. The last 2 years I have spent approximately $600 each year to protect my ash trees. We currently have a huge ash tree that is 80% dead. It was already too infected by the time we bought 'The Gear'. It's sad because this tree is at least 100 years old which predates the house by 20 years.

Stripping continues in the living room. The built in cabinets are now free of paint. I am dreading the job of stripping the fireplace, so I think I will do the baseboard next.

Onto the 'To Do' list. Once I complete the living room I am moving into the foyer, then the vestibule, and then the dining room. The dining room will take some time because there are two built in corner cabinets, 3 large double hung windows, a large wooden bay window ledge, 3 entry ways, 1 door, and baseboard. The paint in the dining room will not come off as easy as in the living room because it is a different wood. The paint comes off in little gobs. Plus it smells like pine tar which makes me think it is clear pine.You can just catch a glimpse of the built in cabinet on the right side of the photo. Also the photo above shows the 3 windows with the bottom sashes removed.

On to the truth is stranger than fiction....look at the photos of my recent visitors. You will find them located on the right side of my blog. I am thinking that it must be the recent blog posts about stripping. I hope they were not disappointed. I checked my pockets for $5.00 bills and found none, so obviously this stripping does not pay as well as some other types of stripping.