Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stripping Progress

I got a late start on stripping today. An early morning doctor appointment and a nap were the the reason for the late start.

When the doctor's office called yesterday to remind me that I had an appointment at 8AM, I thought to myself "who was the idiot that made that appointment?" I got up at 6AM, which is totally against my biorhythm. Holy cow, even when I was operating daily on 4-5 hours...I was never under any circumstances awake at 6AM. So needless to say when I returned home....I took a nap.

Fast forward to 2PM. Remember I said I needed to get the dwarf irises and day lilies planted? Job completed. Now on to wait...R decides today is the day he wishes to fix the barn windows. We confer on what needs to be done i.e. which windows need replacing, which windows just need a pane or two, and which windows are fine and just need to be realigned to eliminate air infiltration.

This brings me to a question I was asked awhile you and your husband like doing projects together? The answer is "NO!" We tend to only work well together on meaningless projects like digging a hole or planting a tree. When it comes to anything that is remotely complicated.....well....let me give you an example.

About 5 years ago we bought a grill. We had the option of paying 50 bucks for them to assemble it or take it home and to it ourselves. The box said in large letters....."EASY ASSEMBLY 30 MINS". Well let me tell you it was not 30 minutes it was 3 hours. Even though both R and I are card carrying journeymen who's trades require assembly and dis assembly, we have two totally different methods. R is left handed. I am right handed. R would rather poke his eye out than read the manual. I like to peruse the photos. R retrieves tools as needed. I like to get all my tools ahead of time. R always sets his tools on the ground. I like to set my tools on a table etc. When G (engineer) lived at home it was a third totally different approach. He likes to read the manual and research everything to death!

It took us 3 hours of arguing, assembly, dis assembly, re assembly before we were done with that grill. So for mental health reasons we take on separate projects. I decide on all decorating issues, he can suggest but he really doesn't care so that is good. He's good with demo. I prefer non demo work. He's the worst painter. He's best with a spray can so I deal with all painting issues. I decide which plants to plant and where....he likes to water and tend to them.

So that takes us to today...he was in the barn and I was in the living room. I completed my task of stripping the woodwork and casing around the door that leads to the sun room. I haven't a clue what he got done because 1 hour into his project he was off to pick up the large band saw we had in storage.