Friday, December 31, 2010

One Last Thrifty Treasure for 2010

I realized today that my 25% off coupon at one of my favorite consignment shops was expiring today. So I just had to at least go look...right? Can't let a perfectly good coupon go to waste.

I cannot believe my good fortune. I have been casually looking at these coffee sets for the last year. I knew I wanted something from the 30's or 40's but every set I found was more than I wanted to spend for something I might or might not use. Until today when coupon in hand I found this set for a MERE $13.84!!!
Doesn't this scream 1937? Bullet shaped and Bakelite handles.
Please excuse the pile of dust and debris next to the coffee set. I placed it there just to get a quick photo and then it was back to demo.

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  1. Great find & great deal. I hate those 12/31 coupons. They make me feel so guilty if I don't use them. ;)


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