Saturday, August 13, 2011

6 Screws Short of a Completed Staircase

The kitchen deck steps are done except for the final 6 screws. I just bought a box of 3 inch deck screws but I underestimated the number of screws we would need. I was tempted to purchase the large box but I thought the smaller size would cover our needs. NOT!

We ran out of 3 inch deck screws while installing the final tread. You could hear the thunder from the approaching storm as we cut and fitted the last tread. We no sooner picked up the last tool when the wind and rain started.

Notice how we had to custom cut the bottom step to accommodate the slanted sidewalk.
Here is an underneath view of the deck.
Tomorrow's forecast is for rain showers. Maybe in between rain drops we can screw down the last tread. If we are forced indoors we can always make more tomato cages. I need at least 8 more.

This photo was shot as the storm was winding down. It was eerie because it cast an orange/red glow on everything.
The next big project is the removal of the large window above the back steps. We can start on the railing once that window is removed and the shingles are installed.