Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stringers and Nose Repair

We didn't make very good progress today despite the perfect weather for working. We cut the 3 stringers for the kitchen steps but R needed to spend more time on the fiberglass repair for G's sprint car nose.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can finish them tomorrow. If we do not get them done tomorrow, it will be Saturday before we can work on them again. Friday is a race day for R and he'll be busy with G in Lansing. My plans include going to the art walk in downtown Flint with my niece, Blaire and we might even drag my sister along, too. The art walk will include First Presbyterian church (or as they say here in Flint, First Pres) which will allow people to look at the stain glass windows by Tiffany.

What's a date without dinner? Our plan is to eat at Blackstone's before the art walk. I'm thinking about trying the individual pizza based on the traditional Flint coney. I heard it is delesh.

FYI....I think my foot is broken because there is a little hard lump and I still have swelling. AND before anyone says that I am just saying that my foot is broken because Michigan's own NASCAR star Bad Brad Kesolowski won Sunday's race with a broken foot. I had my broken foot first. So there! I'll know more next week after I go to the doctor for my regular appointment.