Friday, August 5, 2011

Update on Deck and Flip Flops

We have been busy with the prep work for the two sets of steps that we need to build for the deck rehab.

The side walk and old concrete have been removed. That was a thankless job. Little to show but a lot of work none the less. There was a casualty.....I blew out my L.L. Bean flip flop. The toe thingy broke. I was heart broken. I loved those flip flops. They gave it their all and in the end had nothing left to give. A moment of silence, please.

I realize I needed to move on and until I can find another pair of LL Bean fleece flip flops, I decided to go with cheap and went to Payless and purchased 3 pairs, hey they were having a sale. I purchased two Champion brand flip flops. I really like the pair that have become my work flip flops. They have a thick sole with a slight heel and a cushioned insole. They are already dirty and worn in.....ahhhhh.

Tomorrow our plan is to build the short set of steps on the back of the house. The kitchen set of steps will require more work because the side walk is slightly askew so the bottom step will need to be a custom fit. Why would anyone pour a tilted sidewalk? Besides being tilted it is also downhill and covered in slate. Needless to say it is slippery and treacherous. Long term list has this side walk being replaced at a later date.

I promise to take photos tomorrow.