Sunday, August 21, 2011

Windows Out-Shingles Up

The large picture window with two side casement windows on the back of the house are long gone. These windows were not original to the house so there is no need to be shocked at the removal of a window or two. They were replacement windows made by Anderson and they were in horrible condition on top of the fact that they were ugly.Not only were they not of the correct style but they were not trimmed like the rest of the house. The windows were also badly deteriorating despite the fact that they are approximately 40 years newer than the perfectly good original double hung windows.

We were shocked to find out that the only method of holding this bank of windows in place was nothing more than gravity, some thin pine moulding, and paint. Not one nail was holding them to the rough opening. Totally unreal. Unfortunately we have 3 more banks of identical windows in this room plus two more banks of like windows in the kitchen. One can only assume that they were installed in the same manner.We used the 1940's reclaimed lumber from the garage demo to frame in the opening and sheath it with 1X's. During window demo we came across old metal flashing that would indicate there was at one time a single double hung window in this area. We will know more at a later date when we remove the drywall inside what will be the future game room.This is the north side of the house and here in the north...the less windows on the north side the better. The interior side of the wall will have a large flat screen TV and vintage built in corner cupboards (picked up at a consignment shop for $10 bucks each about 5 years ago) they are very similar to the ones in the dining room.
Actual shingling took three days because of Friday being a race day and Saturday was a half day rain out. Today, Sunday, was an all day deal. The last two rows of shingle installation was a slow go because of the height and the need to weave the shingles under the old shingles.Today is a mowing day. During the heat wave my flowers suffered, so maybe today I can give them a little tune up so that they will look somewhat better for the remaining summer days.