Friday, August 12, 2011

Stringers, Risers, Treads, and a Nose Job

I'm pretty sure my foot is broken. It is swollen but oddly it doesn't hurt. We will get the official verdict on Tuesday but my money is on broken foot. It will go nicely with the broken elbow that I got falling out of an SUV when my high heel slide off the running board that was covered in ice. I didn't go to the doctor until months later. I asked him "what this?" and pointed to my elbow. He said "when did you break your elbow?" I said "3 months ago."

Today was a hit or miss day when it came to step building. R was busy with repairing the nose of G's sprint car which he needs for Friday's race. So we had spurts of 90 minutes worth of work throughout the day. Ninety minutes is the amount of time R needed to let the fiberglass resin set up before he sanded or applied another layer.Pretty soon that pool ladder will be in the scrap pile. But not until Saturday because tomorrow is an off day for both of us.