Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hanging Window Box with Brackets

We started the day by hanging a small window box and matching brackets on the first floor powder room window. I made myself busy scraping paint off the shingles while R rounded up tools. More on where I purchased the window box at the end of this post.

First we hung the window box. We removed one layer of shingles under the window so that the box would lay flat against the house. Then it was on to installing the brackets, but first we needed to remove one layer of shingle where the brackets would go. This, just like the box itself, would allow the brackets to lay flush against the the house.

I marked the shingles so R would know where to remove the offending shingles. He used the oscillating saw and a light touch to cut out the shingles.
Now we are ready to screw the brackets into place.Looking great and ready for next years flowers.
LinkIf you are interested in purchasing window boxes, rail boxes, or planters......check out this website. I have purchased 7 window boxes from Dave and I'm very pleased with his work. Many of my window boxes have been on the house for over 6 years and look just like the day I bought them.

The next project was an R only deal. We are going to wrap the existing rim joist in a new 2X12 but first he had to cut off the deck boards that were hanging over the edge.

While R sawed, I laid down a large piece of blue color slate at the foot of the steps and back filled with dirt from the new mailbox excavation (more on that as it progresses along).Add ImageI'll plant some grass seed once the weather cools a bit. This photo shows the area where R cut off the deck boards, look on the deck to the left of the meter. See the area that is lighter in color? R cut off the boards and then sanded the ends smooth.

Tomorrow, after a quick run to Home Depot, we will start the joist wrap. This should be a riot. Heavy board + holding it up over your head = at least two arguments.
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