Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rain Out

We are nothing but dedicated OR stupid...I am not sure.

Today in an attempt to get something accomplished, we worked in the rain. Mind you, it was a light rain but wet none the less. We quit when we got to the point where we needed to use electricity. We're not that stupid!

Since the steps are on a slight incline we needed to make the area where the stringers touch the ground, firm and level. Our plan is to back fill around the concrete blocks and level the ground after the steps are completed.This was as far as we got today before we called it a rain out.
On a more humorous note. Today R stopped by a local convenience store. The lady working the counter has been there for years and R says she rarely says anything to him. I guess today she felt chatty and said, "so, how do you like working there?" This was a shocker to R because he has been retired since '09. He replied, "working where?" She said, "at that big house by the golf course where I see you working all the time." R said he kinda chuckled to himself and said, "well unfortunately I own that house so I'm not getting paid." This is the second time someone has thought he was the hired help.

R says his boss is a b*tch and works him too hard. LOL I told him, "unlike Congress, you do not get the month of August off."