Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cool Score at the Consignment Shop

Check this out.Purchased for 8 bucks at my favorite consignment shop in Fenton, Michigan.
It still works perfectly. You grab this little knob to pull the mixer part up and out of the mixture.
Screams 1930's. My plan is to repaint the black part and just to clean the chrome. The chrome appears to be in fairly good condition.
I see a lot of malts (R's fav) and smoothies (my fav) in our future.

Back to deck building tomorrow. It has finally stopped raining and we are somewhat caught up on our mowing. During the many days of rain we were able to make our deck posts. So once we put up another 10 foot section of 2X12 rim joist we can install several posts and make some railings which is fun because it really gives you instant gratification. One minute there isn't railing and the next....voila...railing.