Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deck Building Update

Deck building and mowing the lawn have taken all of our time as of late. The cool weather is allowing the grass to grow at the speed of light....OK....maybe not that fast but it is growing FAST!!!

The deck is starting to actually show progress. Unlike all the deck work that we did in areas that were not visible but were important for a well made and long lasting deck.We have been adding balusters or as we call them, spindles. The last 3 bundles of 12 spindles have required additional sanding because of mill marks and rough edges. This actually takes longer than you would think plus it's a killer on the neck muscles.Tomorrow we will start building the handrails for the stairs. Then we can add the top rail (2X8) which will make the railing look almost finished.
I am really looking forward to changing out this kitchen door. Several years ago we purchased an oak door with a large beveled window. We also have a vintage wrought iron lock set that matches the original lock sets in the front and back doors. PLUS......I have a vintage wood storm door that needs installed.

Today as we were installing two screws per baluster that I realized I am going to need lots of wooden buttons to cover the screws. Two per baluster X the number of balusters + all the other places that we used screws and countersunk them for buttons= a whole lotta buttons. I need to find a vendor that sells in bulk.

I'm getting antsy to bring my vintage wrought iron furniture out of storage. Both R and I are surprised how big the deck feels now that the railings are installed. Strange how once you have a visual perimeter it lets you see and feel the actual size. I think it is because without railings we never used the area near the edges and only walked in the middle of the deck.


  1. You guys are doing a great job on building the deck. It really looks nice. You could go in business building decks if you ever get bored and need a second job.LOL

  2. Bored? What is this bored that you speak of?


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