Saturday, September 10, 2011

Worked Hard...Little To Show For It

I truly do not like days like we had today. Hanging that 2X12 was very difficult because the back of the deck is high up and the ground is sloped making ladder placement kind of treacherous.

Once the 2X12 was barely installed we realized the board was crowned and the old deck was saggy. What to do....what to do. We raised the old deck using bottle jacks. This not only helped to make the deck level but it helped with the crowned joist which is now not as noticeable.

Rather than cut two 45 degree angles for the corner, we chose to overlap the ends and use biscuits to help keep the corner tight. Not only did we use biscuits but we used a lot of glue and 3 long screws which will be hidden by wood buttons. I love me some wood buttons!!

In the past we have mitered corners like these only to have it separate by the next year. I think these boards aren't going anywhere. We were able to install one post before G called and R left to help in the race shop. Tomorrow should be easier since we already have the post ready to install. The spindles are cut and sanded leaving only the holes to be drilled and counter sunk for more WOOD BUTTONS!!!!

The photos shows that the old rim joist goes up and down so that means when we hang the next 2X12 we will need to do the same thing again. I think we will need to call G to help his old man because I am just too short!!! AND walking up and down that hill makes my foot hurt. The lump is getting bigger and bigger. I go back to the doctor in October and I think when I start wearing real shoes, it is going to bother that lump.

It seems when you go out of your way not to drop things on your do. I don't know how many close calls I have had since I dropped that clamp on my foot. Of course I am still wearing flip flops. Sorry absolutely no more photos of my foot. It looks really ugly now.