Friday, September 30, 2011

Handrails Just In Time

Handrails were installed on the steps with about 5 minutes to spare before it started raining.The next couple of days will see very little deck progress because R is in Tennessee with G at Bristol Motor Speedway. G has an opportunity to drive a sprint car at the famous NASCAR track. They left this evening and will drive non stop to Bristol and then come back on Sunday.

I have plenty to keep me busy if it ever decides to quit raining. There are plenty of weeds to be pulled and/or sprayed with Round Up.

On Sunday, my cousin's husband pointed out some poison ivy to R that is growing in with my hostas. I am not yet sure what I will do but I am leaning towards Round Up because the plants are still very small.

I might even try to maneuver some of the vintage wrought furniture out of the basement. If it's sunny and not windy, I will try and paint a few pieces in between my weeding and poison ivy killing.

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