Friday, September 9, 2011

Name this caterpillar.....

Name this caterpillar. I have been unable to find an exact match.Has a little black head.
Can crawl fairly fast.


  1. Jan, found this--does it look right?

    If so, it's a moth caterpillar.
    Greetings from Sacramento!

  2. That is it. I searched high and low and could not find a thing.

    I think I have seen that moth before.

    How have you been? If I have time I want to try that poached pear recipe. I know I'll have pears but will I have time....LOL

  3. You remembered me!

    We've been fine here, just really busy! I harvested 10.5# of zucchini today, plus tomatoes. I'll be making zucchini relish soon! The weather was crazy here this year, but I got our garden in during the teaser spring in April, then it rained all May and took off in June.

    The next fun thing is to dig potatoes--haven't done that before--my youngest put some sprouting spuds in the ground and they got huge. We'll see how many potatoes we get. Should be exciting!

    No pear trees though. I'm jealous. I'll have to get my pears at the store for poached pears. I'll be planting some fruit trees this fall, just need to decide which ones--probably not a pear though, too warm here.

    It's been fun watching the progress on the house--well done!

  4. Our weather was warm early but then it rained nonstop for over a month. Then it went right to 90 degrees.

    My tomatoes were so so. The ones I got are great. Green peppers didn't take off until it was too late.

    What about an Asian pear tree?

    We planted cherries this year and a hardy fig. We will see how the fig likes Michigan. It says it's zone 5 but we have some weird weather that might not be good for the fig.

    Potatoes is something we will try in the future. We are thinking about the containers for potato growing. As the vines grow, you keep adding a new tier and more dirt. It makes for new potatoes on top and bigger potatoes at the bottom.

    When are you going to start a blog? It can be like a second job but you get to meet cool people.

    Stay in touch.


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