Monday, September 5, 2011

It is Labor Day so we will labor away!

Deck progress was slow the last couple of days. Three days ago the temperature was 96 degrees. This is Michigan so it is not unusual that the current temperature at 12:30PM is 55 degrees.

The temperature today is far more conducive to deck building but it's also depressing to think that summer for the most part is behind us and winter is before us.

Winter is not my favorite season. One reason being it last far too long. It's more like two seasons, brutally cold winter and slushy wet winter.

But on to deck building.

Let me catch you up to date.

We added a 2X8 to the top of the railing. We wanted this larger size board because we felt it was more in scale with the size of the house and with the size of the rim joist that we used for the deck. An added plus is that it is perfect for setting a potted plant or a cold drink.
We used two 45 degree cuts to form the 90 degree corner. We added a small L bracket underneath and used biscuits and wood glue to make sure that the corner does not separate as it ages.
Today we will start adding 2X12's across the back portion of the deck. We purchased the lumber two days ago when it was so terribly hot. We have already cut the spindles to the correct length, cut the point off of the end, and sanded the cuts so the edges are rounded.Here's a little teaser to get you to come back. I scored a great deal at one of my favorite consignment shops and updated a curbside treasure for the deck. More on both of those in my next post.

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