Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spindles In and Spindles Out

Today while R was installing spindles, I was busy doing my best Mike Holmes imitation by kicking out old spindles.

We really did not want to dismantle anymore of the old railing but this was needed because we need to install a new railing post that is shared with the step up portion of the deck that goes to the barn loft.It was pathetic how loose the railing was installed. We estimate that this was the newest portion of the deck, too. All the material was undersized, installed with nails, and instead of using carriage bolts they used lag screws that were only 2 inches long.

Rain is in the forecast for the beginning of the week so tomorrow we have to get it in high gear and finish the hand rails on the kitchen steps and finish the back steps hand rails. The hand rails on the back steps are about 25% done already. They are also short steps so they are easier to work on.
I was really hoping to talk R into bringing out the wrought iron furniture but I think we will be pressed for time.

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