Monday, June 25, 2012

Cedar shingles, slivers, and the heat.....

....makes for slow going on the reshingling.

The heat is really slowing us down.  We are making our greatest progress late in the evening.  This time of day gives us full shade and cooler temps.  The heat can be so intense that we have had to stop working during midday.  Tomorrow's forecast is for low 70's and partly cloudy and believe me we are grateful for a break from the heat.

Sometime during this week, we will have to haul out the scaffolding to finish the peak on the dining room exterior.  Our ladders and arms can only reach so far.

We really like how it look so far and it has really made a huge improvement on the front of the house.  My plan is to start sanding the front door so I can prime and paint it by  the weekend.  I'll need to make a few small repairs to the door so I will really be pushing the weekend deadline especially if we get any rain AND we desperately need rain.
We stopped and spray painted the coal door while we were installing the lower shingles under the bay window.  The coal door was sanded and primed last year so it was already for two coats of black satin paint.

The layout of the shingles is basically a 10 inch exposure but in some cases the courses are slightly less or more to insure that it lines ups with courses on other sides of the house.  This is a must for inside corners.  If we were installing the shingles for the very first time we could just start each course 10 inches up from the bottom of the previous course. But since this is a redo, we have to blend with the old shingles and course layout and need to adjust here and there to make it look correct.

Also along the way, we have had to replace some rusty flashing, missing felt paper, and badly cut corner boards.  R has been using rigid foam insulation cut into round pieces to plug the holes that we found left open when they blew the insulation in probably during the 1960's.  It's amazing the number of holes that were letting cold air into the wall cavities.

I think after the dining room exterior wall is completed we will move to some of our shade projects on the north side of the house.