Saturday, June 16, 2012

Prep work complete....

So tomorrow we start reshingling the dining room exterior wall.

This wall could be tricky for several reasons.  It's two story high and there are angles involved.  But we will take it one shingle at a time and see how it goes.

I trimmed the hydrangea shrubs that are in front of the bay window so we will have better access to the shingles but unfortunately there will not be any blooms because of the trimming.  These shrubs were getting out of shape and too tall so they needed a good trimming.
Earlier today we reattached the brackets for the living room window box.  We notched out the shingles so that the brackets would lay flat and not tipped.  The oscillating saw with a straight blade was the perfect tool to do this little chore.

We also reinstalled the trim piece that goes along the top of the shingles where it meet the soffit.  The air nailer makes quick work of this task. That was good because by time we got to this the front of the house was in the blazing sun.

While we waited for the shade to return to the front of the house, we trimmed the roses and some small trees and then ate lunch.

Our goal for tomorrow is the first 3 rows of shingles installed.