Monday, June 4, 2012

Starting tomorrow it is.....

off with the shingles.  That's right, we're removing the cedar shingles and installing new cedar shingles. 

Today we finished mowing and weeding here and there.  Weeding is an ongoing endeavor so you can never say that is DONE.  After we ate lunch we decided to remove the window box from the living room window.

First, I removed the dirt from the window box using and old plastic pot to scoop the dirt out and then put it in a lawn cart.  While I was weeding today, I nearly broke my ankle when I stepped in a hole in the back yard so the dirt I removed from the window box would nicely fill that hole if I could remember where it was in the backyard.  So after I wandered around the back yard for 15 minutes I found a hole worthy of the window box dirt.  I have no idea if that was the hole I stepped into or not. 

Next, we removed the decorative brackets.  This is a long window box and was custom ordered in two pieces and then we attached the two pieces before hanging it.  We decided to take it down in one piece.

There were 8 very large wood screws holding the window box to the house.  We removed all but one on each end.  We each supported one end of the window box and removed the last two screws.  Not too bad.  I will repaint the window box before we reinstall it.

Here is the 'before we removed the window box' photo.
Here is the 'after we removed the window box' photo.