Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You know your house looked bad when....

....it looks better with no shingles then it did when it had shingles.

 What's the last thing you want to see after you remove all the shingles off the front of your house?

We removed the shingles from the living room area on the front of the house.  This went rather smoothly.  I slipped and fell twice onto the large rocks.  First time that I fell was when I reached up to get a shingle that R had already 99% removed.  It was barely hanging there.  I grabbed it and it decided it did not want to let go just yet and I fell backwards.  Oooww!

 OK.....I'll just go over here and pull a couple of weeds so that I don't hurt myself.....I promptly fell into the rocks when the toe of my flip flop got caught on a root.

Before shingle removal.....
After shingles removal....

On the agenda tomorrow is to remove all the nails that remain and scrape the remaining paint off the edge of the window and corner trim.  Then finally cover any area that is lacking in tar paper. We will also need to  cover the holes that were drilled into the sheathing when they originally installed blown insulation.  We will either fill the holes with a round piece of wood or cover with a piece sheet metal.

Shingle installation is a slow process so I am not making any promises on how long it will take to reshingle.  If the weather stays cool, as it was today, the process will go faster.

But now....I have to go to bed.