Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shingles.....can't you get a shot for that?

Shingles.....yes, we both have a bad case of the shingles.  My symptoms include slivers in my fingers and cedar shavings in my bra.

We are almost done with the first section on the front of the house.  We got a late start because R had a eye doctor appointment and I needed to make a trip to Home Depot to pick up two more bundles of cedar shingles.
The last few rows also include an inside corner that requires each piece to be shaved to a custom cut. Hence the cedar shavings in my bra, as I am the official cutter/shaver and R is the official nailer.  It's best if we each have a separate and distinct job.  Example....he is left handed so he positions the ladder in a manner to allow him to nail using his left hand.  If I tried nailing with the ladder in this position, my right hand would be too close to the wall, making it impossible to swing the hammer properly.

We have approximately 8-9  shingles left to install BUT 6 of those are custom cut shingles.  I would guess about 1 hour's worth of work.  Unfortunately tomorrow is mowing day.  Do we mow first and nail second????  I think it will depend on the sun because I am definitely not a fan of working in the blazing sun.

Tomorrow's plan also includes rehanging the window box and it's decorative support brackets.  I need to buy some geraniums for my large pots but I think I will pass on planting my window box this summer because the flowers will be in the way when I need to paint.  Until then we will just have to enjoy the roses.

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