Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trying to beat the heat

Thursday's forecast is for 99 degrees.  Not 98 and not 100 but 99 degrees.

There are certain projects that you do not do on a 99 degree day.  You do not shingle.  You do not mow the lawn.  You do not weed the flowers beds.  So that really narrows it down to sitting in the shade and watering flowers and tomato plants.  If the heat continues, we might just need to do one of those shade projects that we saved just for such an occasion.

Today we finished installing shingles up to and over the dining room bay window.  We will need to put together the scaffolding to finish the peak.  Add to the list of things not to do in 99 degree heat......put together scaffolding.

I, also removed all the wrought iron off the front door and can start sanding whenever the mood strikes me to do so.  But I'm a long way from painting it.  I noticed a lot of damaged wood at the bottom that needs to be fixed before I can start priming the door.

I'm also not sure about how much paint to buy.  I really think it will need at least two coats so I think I will need more than a quart. The price of two quarts is almost the price of a gallon of paint.  I also just received an email for $7.00 off a gallon of paint. So I think a gallon of paint will do the trick.