Friday, December 13, 2013

And the scraping continues...

I forgot to take a photo of today's work but here is a photo of the completed side.  I've moved on to the other side of the fireplace wall since finishing this side two days ago.  The current area should go fairly fast because this is a smaller area because of the door.

Today's paint removal included removing paint from the top of the mantel and the side.  This leaves the just the front of the mantel to remove paint.  The paint comes off fairly easy but the front has a lot of fluting that slows down the progress.

While I scrape, R has been busy installing bead board panels on the ceiling in the kitchen.  Half of the ceiling rafters go north and south and half go east and west due to the way the house was framed.  Add to that the three light fixtures and the layout becomes tricky.  We are also finding out that the room is not exactly square.  We were not surprised but again it slows down progress.

We are trimming out the ceiling with 1 X 4's, both on the ceiling and the walls so it will give a simple version of crown molding.  Then we will run a 1 X 4 across the ceiling to hide the seams between the panels.

The short daylight hours are a bummer.  R prefers to work in natural light.  His eyesight is vastly improved after having his lens surgery last year.  Besides developing cataracts the surgeon said his eyeballs looked like they had been sandblasted.  The doctor and R determined that was from the years of motorcycle racing.  But when it comes to low light situations his vision is not perfect. He sees flashes of light when we add bright lights to help light the area.  The surgeon told him this is common with artificial lens but R finds it unnerving when running power tools.  So for now we stop work at 5PM every day.

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