Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Three walls completed and one to go

A couple of days ago I finished the third wall in the living room.  I also removed the paint from the fireplace mantle.

****If you are wondering about the pink in the fireplace opening, it's just 1 inch thick rigid foam insulation.  We have three fireplaces and all three need work done on the dampeners.  This helps keep the warm air in the house until they are updated.

I knew my heat gun was slowing down.  It wasn't getting as hot and it rattled loudly.  Just as I started removing  the paint from the front of the mantle...it went poof, threw a couple of sparks, and died.  Why does that always happen when you are soooo close to finishing a project or part of a project?

Lucky for me I had a heat gun stashed that only had the low setting.  This actually worked better for removing the paint from the pine mantle.  So I continued on and finished removing the remaining paint.

We'll need to purchase several more heat guns before we start the last wall in the living room. Removing the paint from the plaster requires a HOT heat gun.  I know the last wall is going to go slooooowly.  There is a lot of drywall compound that has been applied to peeling paint to try and hide the peeling paint.  There is also the two heat duct repaired areas and another repaired area which lines up with the downspout on the back of the house.  More than likely there was water damage from a clogged downspout or leaf filled eave trough. So I am estimating one month to finish the living room wall paint removal project.

In between paint removal, we have been continuing our bead board panel installation in the kitchen.  I did a quick measure and I think we will need to buy two more pieces.  That will be far easier to handle than the 9 pieces we already purchased......that was quite a workout.